Lots of Fun!!

Posted June 23rd, 2011 by hazleheadprimary12

This week has been a lot of fun.  Monday was a baking day when we made a variety of cakes and biscuits for our visitors to school on Tuesday.

Tuesday morning brought a visit from “Mr. Bug”. He brought a variety of small creatures for us to handle and told us a  lot about them. Tuesday afternoon was a triumph when we entertained many of the people who have been kind enough to give up their own time to help the school.

On Thursday we had a very successful trip to Satrosphere where the exhibits were in the theme of “Monster Creepy Crawlies”

P3041234 300x225 Lots of Fun!!

P3041239 300x225 Lots of Fun!!

P3061259 300x225 Lots of Fun!!

Working Outdoors

Posted June 17th, 2011 by hazleheadprimary12

This week we have been taking advantage of the good weather and have been working outside as much as possible.

We had an enjoyable Circle Time lesson on friendship and used the  Astroturf pitch for our PE lessons.

We were also busily preparing for our ‘Volunteer Afternoon’.  Next week we are to host an event to thank the many helpers who give up their time to support the work of our school.

P2201192 300x225 Working Outdoors

Health Week

Posted June 9th, 2011 by hazleheadprimary12

Our week began with our Sports Day.  In the morning we had fun at potted sports on the Astroturf. We were in House Teams and all the School from nursery to primary 7 took part.

The afternoon session featured more of a competitive element. The sun was shining and a lovely week was had by all.

We are looking forward to Friday when the whole school will take part in a Health Challenge. We will be working in teams to make an interactive presentation on the importance of being healthy.

Mrs Jones gave us a homework challenge to create a poster and we have enjoyed doing that.

We want to thank Miss Smith, Mrs Mutch and Miss Bowie for all their hard work in organising this week.

P2221196 300x225 Health Week

P2221200 300x225 Health Week

World of Work Week- Day 5

Posted May 27th, 2011 by hazleheadprimary12

Duncan Cowie came to talk to us today. His job is as a dental technician.

Duncan explained why he wears certain items of clothing to do his job and showed us lots of different kinds of tools he uses.

Duncan told us about some of the things he makes to help people improve how their teeth look.  He told us about the most unusual job he’s done so far – making teeth for a crocodile !!

We want to thank Duncan for coming to see us today – now we all want to be dental technicians !!

P2171145 World of Work Week Day 5

World of Work Week – Day 4

Posted May 26th, 2011 by hazleheadprimary12

Our visitor today was Sheila Farquharson who told us all about the work of a prison officer.

Sheila gave us information about the history of  the prison in Aberdeen and showed us various photos from long ago.

We were able to try on prison officer hats and were even allowed to try out some old handcuffs !!

We want to thank Sheila for coming to talk to us today.

P2161133 World of Work Week Day 4

P2161136 World of Work Week Day 4

World of Work Week – Day 2

Posted May 24th, 2011 by hazleheadprimary12

We very very lucky today to get a visit from Mo and Callie who work at Satrosphere.  They told us all about their job and which subjects they studied at school. They explained all about the qualifications they had and all about how varied their job is.

Callie and Mo showed us several exciting experiments involving common household chemicals such as vinegar and baking soda. They made a ‘rocket’ fly which was very exciting!

In addition, they allowed us to handle a giant millepede and a giant snail and that was really good as well.

We want to thank Mo and Callie for coming to our class today.

P2141132 300x225 World of Work Week Day 2

P2141128 300x225 World of Work Week Day 2

World of Work Week- Day 1

Posted May 23rd, 2011 by hazleheadprimary12

We have had 2 very interesting visitors in class today and they told us all about the jobs they do.

This morning we had a visit from Meredith Grayling from the Maritime Museum. She brought several interesting items for us to look at and handle. Amongst the favourite things were a set of binoculars and a Noah’s Ark which had been made over 100 years ago.

P2131119 300x225 World of Work Week Day 1

In the afternoon, Gary Giles told us all about his job as a PE teacher. He showed us different kinds of equipment he uses with his classes and tested our strength, agility, stamina and flexibility!!

P21311241 300x225 World of Work Week Day 1

P2131127 300x225 World of Work Week Day 1

A big thank you to Meredith and Gary for coming to talk to us today.

This Week’s News

Posted May 19th, 2011 by hazleheadprimary12

We have done lots of interesting things this week in room 3.

Our new reading books continue to be really popular and we are learning lots of things about reading and writing through doing the follow up activities.

We have done a lot of work using the laptops this week and have concentrated on language activities including adding text to pictures.

We have worked as a team on the Astroturf and had an artistic afternoon in the playground.

Here are some images which show some of the things we have done this week.

P2081073 300x225 This Weeks News

P2081074 300x225 This Weeks News

P2101083 300x225 This Weeks News

P2101079 300x225 This Weeks News

Reading Stars!

Posted May 12th, 2011 by hazleheadprimary12

We have started to use our new reading books

this week. We are enjoying the stories and the

activities that go with them.

We hope you enjoy reading sharing them at

home too.

P2051069 300x225 Reading Stars!

A Busy Week

Posted April 28th, 2011 by hazleheadprimary12

We have been very busy this week learning about money in maths and improving our spelling skills.

We used the Astroturf for the first time and really enjoyed working in this new environment.

We have worked with P1 on the topic of ‘The Royal Wedding’.

Here are some images from activities we have done this week.

P1301059 300x225 A Busy Week

P2011064 300x225 A Busy Week

P2011063 300x225 A Busy Week